Quality & Competency

Quality, Reliability, and Consistency in Pressure Die Casting.

Maintaining quality standards is the responsibility of the Company's in-house Quality Control Department. Based on the belief that "Quality is what the customer says he needs and not what tests indicates as satisfactory" the Company has worked hard to ensure that all products leaving the factory floor with Quality certificates.

Our research and experience extends in meeting every type of requirement in Die Casting Industry. We cast what you imagine. Whether it is intricate Automobile component, Switch Gear component, component related to Home Appliances or General Engineering component.

Our services include

Beside all these our core competency.

By all these we ensure consistency of component from batch to batch and quality you can depend and trust on. We help you to tailor your needs with ideal solutions and broaden your design options.

Come with your imaginations, share with us. We will cast your image.